Anyone did post natal massage? How long after natural birth do you engage in a post natal massage? Any recommended post natal massage?

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I have engaged Mums N Bumps for both pregnancies. For my 1st pregnancy, i used a freelancer who works on her own - didn't have a pleasant experience. Mums N Bumps do pre and post natal at your home. Their prices are nett, no additional cost. I took their package because you can start using for prenatal and any balance can use for postnatal. More worth it. For prenatal, i engaged them once a mth from 6th mth pregnancy (though they can start from week 16 to week 39). I left 5 sessions of postnatal which I started from day 8 of postpartum. I have tried a few of their therapists. All very good in their skills and professional. I think they have promotion going on now. You may want to drop them a whatsapp at 8463 3168> They are very prompt when their lines are opened.

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My massage lady is Asih. She’s very good! I had breast engorgment with huge painful lump on armpit. Called her and she come the next day morning! She’s always on time or earlier and she travel to any part of SG! She’s my life saver! Even massage for my baby! After a few session, my lump disappear and milk increase double! Highly recommended! Can contact her at 83224863!

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I booked mine before I delivered. My masseuse is amazing, she has a massage technique whereby she physically expels wind from your womb, you can see and feel the difference immediately after. Did mine 7 days PP, traditional massage with sauna and hot stone therapy for 14 days. Can PM me for her contact details.

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Can share her details mummy

Usually one choose to get post natal massage 5 days post delivery (for natural birth). Best to check with your gynea before going for one. Have heard good reviews for Origins Jamu Massage ( :)

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it's good feeling experience especially postnatal massage. yr body will feel the new engery and new in you. trust me. u will need it badly. the result wl be good for 7days is enough already.

It's best to start with the massage only after a week. Depends also on whether you had a C section or normal delivery. Consult your doc once.

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I never did for both of my pregnancies. I hope i am able to squeeze in one for my third pregnancy. But i feel that it's so expensive

I done it after 6 days gave birth (normal) in traditional way for 14 days

I never did it for both my pregnancies :(

I start after a week