Post natal massage

Hi it ok if we don't have any massage after give birth? I cnt afford to have 1

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i also didn't wanna waste money for such massage after i gave birth to my no.1 ..its to me quite unnecessary, much to my in laws always nagging at me to have one ... like come on 300plus for a massage ?? so my hubby voluntarily did simple far feels fine..nothing bad happened..well and healthy , now pregnant again 😄😅

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I think it should be fine but maybe you can just follow the confinement rules. Avoid cold drinks during that period to avoid having pain when u get older. Maybe u can also buy more of fish oil to help u recover faster & healthier.

I heard post natal massage helps you to slim back faster and help with pains and aches after giving birth - but I suppose if you use the maternity belt to bind your waist regularly it might help with slimming and posture aches

it's fine but u will feel more tired , lethargic ,sore n pain muscles every now n then .. been thru 3 del without confinement or massages & honestly body like an old lady .. there r some adhoc massages about $60 per day ....

Its good to have a massage after the streneous hard work for carrying a baby for 9 months . But its ok if you can't have . Just that u gonna feel pain here and there

It is best if you can have it. But nothing happen if you don't have it