Post natal massage

Hi, I’m 2 months pp. GIven birth via c sec. when can I start my post natal massage?

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I did after 2-3weeks but makcik only gently massage my stomach. The other parts of my body she never give chance. Haha

You can start now. Just make sure you don't have any discomfort

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Was told 14 days after and when you don't have pain anymore. :)


Hi there and congratulations! You should be able to start now.

With C-sections, you can start 3-4 weeks post-birth.

Start 1 to 2 weeks after..

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Can start around now


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I started mine exactly 2 months after csect. However, it's up to you if you want the lady to massage your stomach because it gets really really painful. I let the lady massage my stomach but slowly.