Post natal massage is it important?

Hi mummies! Would like to know your thought it it’s necessary to do post natal massage? I’m 3 weeks post natal (with emergency c section). My gynae give clearance to do massage 6 weeks after gave birth & now thinking if I should do post natal massage? Thank you!

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Depends on individuals. For me yes to help with the aches and pains after birth and from carrying baby. Also having a baby can be overwhelming so take this chance to relax your mind and body for a bit. I kept having stiff shoulder this time round so I did a 7 days post natal massage which also helps me to slim down faster. Only managed to book after 2 weeks after vaginal birth since both me and baby had to stay in the hospital due to some complications.

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I arrange massage 2 weeks after csect but unfortunately my wound split alittle when I had a slip. my massage lady told me that to cancel because I can only do after 1 month she told me it won't be so effective. what I did was I bought a binder and bind for first 3 month. I did slim down.

i did a 5 day post natal massage last week and ended up with a very bad skin allergy. Currently on medication (steroid) and I have stopped my massage. Doctor said might be due to the massage oil and binder.

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Important for me. I usually will have chills and shivering if i dont do postnatal massage. After the massage the shivering is gone. It really helps me relax.

I think below article w ill help you to find some information .

It depends. For me, I booked postnatal massage after 1 month c-section to help with water retention and bodyache.

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I didn't have any massages. been two years , nothing happened.

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2 kids and I didn't do any .

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Not for me.