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Hey mummy may I know the solution to engorged breast? I tried the cold cabbage method but it only gave me temporary relief.
Drink loads of water! 100plus or H-Two-O works for me too. I find that usually when I have engorged breast or clogged ducts is because I’ve been having too much “GOOD” food already HAHAHAHA!
Pump regularly! Perhaps 2-3 hourly. Dont skip pumping sessions and try not to go longer than 3 hours of not pumping. Else it will be engorged and i know the feeling so painful! Cold cabbage and cold c
Visit LC, they will help u to squeeze out all the block ducts!! It's super pain but super effective, and continue to pump every 3 hour to avoid engorgement!
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Cold cabbage can reduce your milk supply so don't overdo it! You can use cold or hot compress, massage in circular motion. If the lumps become red and if you feel feverish then see a doctor.
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if non of them works, u can try supplement call lecithin
Milk Boosting Tips
Hi mummies can you share with me your milk Boosting tips? Any food? Supplements or techniques that has help boost milk. As my production dip every time I have period.
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Normal for it to dip when you have period. And also, what is a boosting for me might not work for you, so you gotta try and error
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Oats and milk
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It’s normal to dip when having menses
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Oily fish salmon. Avocados
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Green papaya soup, oats, gingery soups, moringga leaf There are also supplements like Legendairy or lactation cookies; however, these did not work for me.
Baby Swing/bouncer
Hi my baby is 6 weeks now. Isit safe to let her sleep in the swing at night? As she sleep really soundly in there as compared to her crib. (will wake up every hour)
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Unfortunately the swing is never safe, especially without supervision, regardless of baby’s age:( there’s a risk of suffocation or falling out, both of which are potentially life threatening. I found
Milk Supply
Hey mummy, my baby fully latching and drinking more frequently every hour I'm worried my milk supply has lessen. Is there anything that will help with milk production?
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If baby is fully latching, no worries on milk supply dropping. Baby's frequent feeding will tell your body to produce more milk to make up to the demand. Just keep hydrated.
Vbac Delivery
Hi I wanna know from you mommies how long it took for your stitches to heal down there? And if there's anything we can/cannot eat? Also will the stitches be dissolved or need to take out?
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Heal on its own
it took 2weeks plus to heal, stitches will dissolve by itself, cannot eat seafood, egg,duck and too spicy food
My stitches hurt the most during days 4-7 and it was during 1 week review that I learnt the wound was red and inflammed causing the pain. Gynae cut the stitches although it's supposed to be dissolvab
It took me close to 4 weeks to recover aka pain free. You need to keep the wound clean and dry to recover faster. My gynae also told me to eat the prescribed painkillers as it is anti-inflammatory too
Avoid eggs & seafood
Fetal Movement
Hi may I know for the movement chart is it we only tick the box if there's is >10 kick in an hour?
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10 kicks a day ll do
Lady V
Hi mummies, is bikini waxing safe during preggy? Wanna know cause really cant see what happening down there and didn't want husbands help to shave 😅
If you're not experiencing sensitive skin, it's safe to do waxing
Yes it is safe. I have been going since pre-pregnancy, but stopped during my first trimester, as the doc didnt advise me to go for it. Plus, the place dont do it for ladies in the first trimester too.
If using wax and not laser it’s pretty safe
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I was told IPL was unsafe. You can check with your gynae first
Acid Reflux!
Any tips to keep acid reflux at Bay? I'm at 31 weeks and the burning feeling up my throat kept making me throw up 😞 would love to know if any of you mummies manage to counter this. Thanks
sit up at least for an hour after meal or snack.. have gaviscon if acid reflex happens, if not just leave it
I ate gaviscon. I suffer frm acid reflux too.. tried milk n everything else but it still made me throw up. Gaviscon is my saviour!
Drink warm milk with honey it helps a lot
take smaller frequent meals.. i don't get acid reflux most of the time but when i do have, gaviscon does works for me.
Gaviscon works for me. Try to elevate head when sleeping
Antenatal Class
Hi ladies at what stage did you guys attend the antenatal class? Does it really help during labour? Thanks :)
I started mine with KKH at 24weeks. Attended one session, total of 9 session. I would say good to go. Quite interesting. Guide you how to take care of yourself & baby, basic exercises, breasting
Bottle Type For Babies
Hi mummy, any feedback for feeding bottle? Is it adviseable to trial and error with baby or just buy a whole lot and those containers for milk storage. I'm looking at hegan bottles mainly cause its a
MAM is good. so long as its anti colic
It’s always trial and error. I fed him using avent and in the end he still prefer Pigeon
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Try and error! My baby doesn't like Advent but instead prefer Pigeon!
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Most of us will trial and error before settling with Philips Avent
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I bought 6 Dr Brown bottles & the Hegen bottles set before hearing about babies rejecting certain bottle tits. Thankfully my baby is ok with both of it (including direct latch)... I love the Hegen one