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is my LO drinking too much?
She is going to 2 months and she is still drinking 90ml every 2 to 3 hours. What should I do?
It's normal, my LO just turned 2 month and drinking 90-130ml every 3 hours. Just follow her cue.
Breastfed babies take in an average of 25 oz (750 mL) per day between the ages of 1 month and 6 months. Different babies take in different amounts of milk; a typical range of milk intakes is 19-30 oz
Follow baby cue
It’s fine
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I think should be fine as long as she's not overweight ...
Worried with no sign of baby coming out...
Currently 38 to 39 weeks pregnant, but there is still no signs of baby coming out... Gynaecologist says that by the 40 weeks if there is still no signs they will do a scan for water bag water level.
Ang dami nating naghihintay ng right moment! Nakakapagod na din kasi ang bigat ng tummy. Ang hirap din ng pa-alis alis for check up with ob.
I'm 40 weeks today and no signs yet of labour..
39 weeks and 5cm na po ako pero di po ako naglalabor. ok lng po ba un or wala po ba epekto sa baby .
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Mine was born on the edd (40 weeks)
39w 2d :( Wala pa rin. What to do mga mommies?
infant care singapore
Hi all mummies, would like to know how to register for infant care. And is it normally fully occupied? And roughly how much will it cost monthly?
Call or go directly the best
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Better to call personally as the staff will be able to advise you on the subsidies etc
Hi mummy, you can register for infant care through childcare link website once you got your baby's birth certificate. Vacancy depends on the area that you are staying in (some places are more popular
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Depending on e locations. You may queries through website or call them. Yes it's usually full. Need to put under waiting list. Cheers
Hi depends on the centre. You can call up and ask for their fees and waiting list.
need advice
Hi all mummies, i would need advices. Is Post Natal Massage required after giving birth?
It's preferred as it help you to relax and prep your body for sleepless night! Generally it's advice but it's really up to individuals 😊
It’s not necessary but it would be nice to relax and ease your body!
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I did and it really helped with my engorgement issues!
It’s not a MUST. I didn’t do for my first pregnancy but did massage for my second pregnancy. Whether or not it helps in slimming down depends on individual’s body. For me, it didn’t work.
That time I thought to myself if I can't live with the tummy, better try something. Cos later I was scared can't go back to shape easily.