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Hi mommies, Does anyone else here lost their sex drive after giving birth? I’m 3 months pp now and I have no interest in having intimacy with my husband. I thought after two months I’d be ready but I really feel ZERO desire. Not that I dont love my hubby anymore, just no feels for sex. Is this really normal? My hubby is getting frustrated coz he miss the old us.. I’m also not that loving like how I used to be prepregnancy. I had emergency cs which kinda traumatised me during my recovery period.. Would like to know your thoughts and any advice how should I tackle this?

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Same here! Are you breastfeeding? bf can affect sex drive as the level of estrogen are lower while bf. Not only that, its painful for me to have sex even though i had a csect as well. Lucky husband is quite understand as we both are tired taking care of the baby as well.

7mo ago

Hi, yes I am exclusively breastfeeding. I feel pain to whenever we try and my focus is not just there. I don’t think of getting pleasure or giving pleasure at all😅

I actually have the same problem, same situation with you only that its been 4 months. I've told him about it and told him if he wanted to have sex, I let him do it. I hope someone can advise on it too.

7mo ago

Same here, I came to a point where I just let him do it.. But I feel pain down there even tho I had csect. More of uncomfortable feeling rather than pleasure lol.

I did lost it after giving birth and only gained back slowly like maybe 6 months pp? Hmm I guess you just have to explain it to him. He’ll understand if he loves you

Same i had emergency csec and i have zero desire too. It has been since last year dec till now. Not sure whats wrong with me but just no mood.

7mo ago

Wow that’s been a year… I hope this suckish feelings go away asap, hang in there mummy! 🥰 Always look on the brighter side of life and think of the things the husband did for us when we needed them🥲

its normal. same here .