Sex during pregnancy

How often do you have sex while being pregnant? I'm in my week 20 now and my sex drive has been low even after my first trimester's naseau was over. Just feel tired and no mood with my huge bump to engage in initimacy, while my husband has a high sex drive. So I kept it to once a week but i still feel bad...

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My husband has high sex drive too. Before pregnancy we keep at 6times a week. During 1st tri, we maintained about the same or slightly lesser. 2nd trimester became like 4times a week then now 3rd trimester on usual once every 3days but cause the belly too uncomfortable for me so we play by ear.. 😅 I understand the guilt part, sometimes even when I’m not in the mood I will still continue it with him cause I feel that we should still keep the level of intimacy. But of course when I was in pain or uncomfortable, just skip for that day it’s fine. If not your hubby will feel guilty to make you uncomfortable too.

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5mo ago

Not with protection but since I’m in the last trimester so read online that semen can cause the cervix to soften.. so i think play safe is go for withdrawal method the least.

During my 1st trimester me and my husband still having sex but very less like maybe 1 to 2 time cause we both dont want to hurt until the baby and also best not to have sex many times as it might hurt until baby and tell your husband dont do so hard also

Currently at week 23, only did it thrice ever since I found out I was pregnant. ( we only started after entering second trimester. )

din have any. now in third tri. haha was tired in 2nd tri too. i think he also tired.

only 2x and once was because we didn't know I'm pregnant. v hard to convince hubby.

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None. Husband worried about hurting foetus

None too. Hubby is worried abt baby :)

chose safety of baby first so no

I chose to have none.