Sexual drive during pregnancy

Hi mommas! Just wondering if anyone is on the same boat as me during this pregnancy. I heard its normal to have high sex drive during 2nd tri but my husband and i only manage todo it once bcs the gyne actually told us to avoid sex as during our 20w scan my placenta was vr low. But now that its all in the clear & im in my 3rd tri and i feel like we havent had sex in so long but i dont have the energy/drive for it anymore and my vagina always feels sore and swollen. I feel so sad for my current non-existing sex life :’) Pls tell me im not alone. Honestly have no idea how people still have sex super close to their due date eventho its supposedly ‘good’ and ‘helps you naturally induce’

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Intimacy is not just penetrative sex, so you can still keep your sex life active if you want to ;) For me, most days although I'm keen I just can't get into it and am dry as a bone no matter what we do, this was super discouraging to my partner and he started avoiding sex too. We had to learn that this is normal and just a biological change, getting a pregnancy safe water based lube helps.

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Hello! You're definitely not alone. Currently coming to 22w and we haven't had sex since we found out. I also have low placenta at of last checkup so it's definitely out for now. Like what someone mentioned, intimacy is more than penetrative sex - as long as you two are on the same page ❤️we can try and get creative or just make time to spend time together 💕 take care!

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Hey fellow mummy, I had the same issue as you too! Had bad morning sickness in the first tri, was hit with low placenta in the second tri and right now in my third tri (week 39 to be exact), the bump just gets in the way. So yeah guess it’s perfectly normal as long as your husband is understanding that is (:

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I experienced the same. It was hard for me also to have sex in the third trimester because my vagina hurts. 😢 But yeah, we did try and enough lubrication don't feel painful anymore down there.