Sex after having a baby

Hi Mummies, I had my baby boy 4 months back. I am a first time mum and ever since the baby is born, all me and my husband can do is take care of baby and the sleepless nights. It all gets so tiring that we never think about sex. Every time we have a free window, we just want to take rest as night time sleep is not great with baby. How do you all manage to still have sex drive with a baby ? I feel like we are always so tired that sex is the last thing on our minds. We both love each other so so much but don’t have energy these days for sex. Does this get better with time ? #advicepls #firsttimemom

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yes it does because it gets easier when you get a hang of things. also where possible, get a half-day or sat/sun off by letting a loved one or nanny look after baby. have a date night and maybe it may improve after a good rest :)