Stay home mum vs working mum

Hi,recently I had planned to be a stay home mum when I give birth in few months time. However,I am worried that I suddenly will feel can't adjust... how do u do it? Cos most of my friends are working mum. But I felt I want to spend more time with new born for a few years before back to workforce. Will workforce discount your experiences if no work for few years?

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most of the people chose to work cos their have financial reasons like house etc, some chose to be SAHM cos they cant find someone to take care. really depends on what you want, if u think financially ur husband can still provide for your family then SAHM is good. the child's first few yrs really needs lots of attention from mum. no comparison. SAHM and working mum are both not easy. no matter what i'm sure all mums just want the best for their child 😊

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Yes, it will. Maybe u can search for online jobs which can bring in income, plus accumulate experience, at the same time, spending time with your baby? U can try giving online tuition as a start off first?

Yes. My friends who become a sahm can’t find job after few years. Or some just become too used to staying at home and refuse to go work

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Yes. Your experiences will definitely be put into consideration when searching for job.

u will get lesser subsidies for child care and sch etc compared to other working moms.

It’s up to you