If you can choose, one parent doesnt need to work... Stay at home mum or stay at home dad?

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I'd say this largely depends on your family! Other than just looking at the income earned by each parent, you should also look at other things like which parent the child is more comfortable with, working hours of each parent, responsibilities at work etc. In any case, please discuss it with your spouse because it has to be mutually agreed upon to avoid future conflicts - the one working has to financially support the family, while the one at home has to look after the child's needs and household chores - both being fully understanding of how hard the other person is working!

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I prefer my husband become a SAHD. Reason because we are staying with his mom. He will become middleman if anything happen. Too tiring for him if he need to work both in and out

i want my husband be SAHD so he can see how his mentally crazy father treats my kids (stayin with pils)

No to both.. will try for IFC if parents are unable to help take care of LO while we work

Make the decision based on what’s best financially and what’s best for the baby

The one that earns more should work for the obvious reasons.

depends on which is better for the child... but ideally sahm

Stay at home And GO to school kids

My wife told me to be SAHD

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Stay at home mummy 😊