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Hi mummies, I will be delivering in Thomson Medical Centre. Anyone can advise what are the items that I have to pack in my hospital bag?

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Must bring is admission letter from doctor, antenatal receipts, IC and also marriage cert if you are planning to register LO's birth at the hospital. Oh yes, and hp charger!! No need to bring maternity pads and nursing gowns. You can bring 1 pack of disposable panties to use while in hospital as they only provide 2 pcs, after which is chargable. Clothes to keep warm for daddy because the hospital is quite cold if he's sleeping over. Very important is the breast pump!! If you're planning to breastfeed it's best to bring your breast pump and nipple cream(to prevent cracked and bleeding nipples)! Toiletries if you prefer to use your own. Pls bring hair tie, but hair brush is provided. Outfit to go home for yourself and LO.

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I pack very light cause we are pretty much bed ridden. TMC gives you pyjamas also, can ask to change daily so don’t need bring, I bring my breast pump to start simulating, maternity bra, Maternity pad, mobile charger, toothpaste and brush. That’s about it.

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I delivered over there. I didnt bring much things except a pair of clothes and panty and charger only .. coz after birth they use those ring hood pad .

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Basically everything mentioned here but most importantly hp charger as you will be receiving plenty of text messages(:

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Hi... you might find this article informative

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I'm delivering at TMC. There's a checklist given from them. You can try to get one from your gynae or hospital.

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I delivered there! Don't like the pads there. Would advise you to buy those long overnight pads with wings. :)

Thank you mummies for your advises! 😀


Here you go..

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