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Hi! Need advice pls.. i will be delivering my babies at KKH. What do i have to pack for my hospital bag? Thank you in advance.

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I packed lots of things but mostly were unused. Mainly I think it would be clothes for both you and baby, swaddle, phone, charger and sanitary pads. There was a small toiletry bag with things like travel toothbrush, small towel, etc provided. Diapers I used the hospital's too, so didn't bring any. I ended up giving my baby some formula as he couldn't latch and was too hungry, but I ask the nurse for the milk too (chargeable), so I don't think need to prepare ahead unless you're particular about brand. For reference, I was there in July last year.

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You have to pack for yourself and for the baby, 2 sets baby going home outfit, mittens, hat, socks, swaddling cloth, baby carrier to put in car, diapers, milk bottle/milk if not breastfeeding.

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Toiletries, disposable underwear, maternity bras, attire for going home, sanitary napkins.. and stuff for the baby too!

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