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Hi beautiful mommies. What's the difference between huggies platinum and huggies gold? I notice that the platinum range is much more expensive.
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The material for platinum is softer. There're usually samples displayed at like Fairprice Finest for you to have a look and feel. However, I think Huggies Gold is pretty good as well, and yes it's def
Hi mommies! Is it normal for baby to breastfeed till 2 hours? Everytime i try to pull him away, he'll cry then latch on back. I'm afraid that he's not latching on properly. Any mommies have similar is
Doesn't sound normal, perhaps feeling the need to latch and cuddle
How old is your baby? He might be going through a growth spurt thus would be more demanding and fussy. My girl demanded the boob every half hour for a few days during her growth spurt. Typically it wi
Activating labour naturally Hi mommies, something i came across that apparently works with majority to help induce labour n
Hi, This is interesting. Thanks for sharing
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Thanks for sharing
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Interesting, will share this!
Thanks for sharing :)
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Thanks for sharing!
Hi mommies. Can i check what's the difference between on demand epidural and the epidural doctor will inject at the back? Recently, my friend just gave birth and she opt for the on demand epidural dur
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Best to book your anaesthesiologist now(:
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I strongly suggest you to get epidural the moment you check in. Trust me before it’s too late. Hahah.. the only regret you will have is not asking for it. I learnt my lesson the hard way!
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Hi... doctor or nurses will recommend epidural according to the situation and pain tolerance of the patient. It varies
Anxious AF
Hi mummies! Is it true that when labour is nearing, baby will be very quiet in the stomach??
When in doubt consult gynae!
No baby normally quite active Consult gynae
Not really
M in my 35th week. My gynae made me monitor my baby movement. Apparently there should be some movement every hr.. if don't have she told me to give tummy a bit of a shake to get baby moving. If really
Depends on individual. Consult your gynae
Hospitalization leave
Hi mommies! When should i start my HL? 37th + 2 days weeks now.. any good advice?
You can start as soon and even now. At least arrange your work with your colleagues to make sure that everything is well covered
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Hi... you can start to take HL now if you want. There’s no hard and fast rules on this. As long as your employer is informed, it’s fine
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Now! I started mine at 36weeks
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Yes, I started from 37th week as I was feeling really uncomfortable from the bump!
Contraction app
Any recommended contraction timer app?
contactions,i use it to count my contaction before going to the doctor .quite accurate
I didn't use any. By the time I started timing them, they were too close! Lol
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Better to go straight to your gynae (:
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I used to the timer on my phone itself. there are few pregnancy apps you can use
Teeth whitening
Anyone did teeth whitening while pregnant?
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I didn’t, only after I gave birth
Try to avoid any treatments during pregnancy, just to be safe
Nope...I didn't go for any unnecessary treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding
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I wouldn't recommend it. As it's a cosmetic procedure and not urgent, please wait till you've given birth
I would suggest you wait until after pregnancy and breastfeeding or to use over-the-counter teeth bleaching or whitening products. It's ok to use whitening toothpastes during pregnancy. These products
Baby size small
I'm abt 30 weeks now. My gynae told me that my baby is abit smaller than normal, abt 1 week early. What can i eat to fatten up my baby? Any advice from mums out there?
Most importantly is healthy baby, not big baby. Go with high nutritious food, not by "eating for two"
Did you do PE scan? Previously I did this scan and found that my blood seems to be too thick thus the doctor prescribed low dosage aspirin to thin out the blood so that the nutrient can be absorbed ea
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Avocado, durian and maternal milk!
Durian! My Gynae told me not to eat durian during my pregnancy, otherwise baby will be very big... coz my girl’s estimated weight before she was out was 3.5kg... so Gynae keep reminding me not to eat
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Hi... you should try to consume more protein and fruits. Drink maternal milk every night. Take care
Sleeping pattern
Is it safe to sleep on the right side? Im at my last trimester of my pregnancy. I don't feel comfortable sleeping on the left side so I'll rotate to my right side some nights.
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Sleep in whatever position you’re most comfortable in. Honestly, it’s important to listen to your body because you will understand it best!
Yes it's safe! Do sleep according to what feels the most comfortable for you. Cheers!
I think that is totally fine as long as you are comfortable with your sleeping position.
Yah I have the same question, make me uncomfortable to sleep on the left side, keep tossing all night... so I hope everyone agreed to sleep on the right side as Long as pillow supporting the back and
it is totally fine as long as u sleep on ur sides:) support with pillows too