Breastfeeding and pumping milk

Any mummies have difficulty breastfeeding baby or prefer to pump and feed baby through bottle? I breastfed a few days but it is hard to settle into a position where baby latches well, until baby cries loudly. For me, my nipple cracked and also each time it is quite frustrating. It is ok to give up breastfeeding but still provides bm for baby by pumping right?

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It takes time for babies to learn how to latch but It’s definitely ok to feed your baby expressed breast milk. Don’t be so stressed. Breast milk is good for your baby no matter what form it comes in. But if you still want to give it a go, you can try seeking help from a hospital lactation consultation who can advise on the latching. I prefer to breastfeed as it is less troublesome but it can be painful when you have a milk blister or when baby bites or has a shallow latch. Hang in there!

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It's really up to you but there are benefits of directly breastfeeding for infants plus it helps ensure skin on skin time. If you don't latch directly, make sure to give lots of bare chest cuddles 🤗. The first 2 months for me was unpleasant too and my nipples and breasts were in constant pain, but afterwards everything just kinda settled and it got much much easier. A lactation consultant or massage lady can help too :)

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My LO didn’t want to latch during the first 2 months so she was bottle fed with EBM. Past 2 months, she suddenly took to latching. Currently, she is both direct latched and bottle fed with EBM and FM as I’ve gone back to work. Whether you latch her or bottle fed her EBM/FM, that doesn’t make you a bad/good mother. 😊

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Hey, It really depends on your comfort level but breastfeeding really strengthens bond between mother and child, so please make sure you have a lot of bonding with your baby, if you are not latching directly. Also, please take the opinion of lactation consultant as well.

Totally ok to give expressed milk! There is no right or wrong way in feeding your baby, as long as baby is happy and well-fed. My baby is mix fed, alternating expressed BM and formula.

I did BF for 2 weeks only then from there i pump my milk and did formula milk also. Dont give up at first its frustrating cuz baby also dont know how to latch. Just keep trying.


My boy refuse to latch from 3 months+, since then I pump and continue to feed BM till today 🙂 as long as both mummy and baby happy

Yep I had issues with latching and have been doing exclusively pumping. Plenty of EP mums around, you won’t be alone.