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Hi Mummies, Im currently in 30wks plus and have been reading up on breastfeeding and pumping. Am a little confused about how the whole thing works. Im planning to latch and pump (so that husband can feed too) so that baby gets breast milk (hopefully supply is enough). Hope to get some enlightenment. 1) when should I pump or latch? 2) after latching, i should still pump? Would baby have emptied it? 3) how is a typical or rough schedule like for latching and pumping? 4) how long should each pumping session last? 5) how long should baby latch for? 6) If latch, latch on both breast each feeding or alternate breast on alternate feeding? 7) if pumping, pump both or one breast? 8) understand that when baby latch, there will be some leaking too. I got the haaka pump to collect if need. After collecting the milk, transfer it for storage? Sorry for the so many questions. TIA!

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If your supply is sufficient, it's best to prioritise latching as it is the most beneficial for the baby. Pump only if you have oversupply or when baby doesn't need to latch. I usually pump for 15-20 minutes, length of latching depends on your baby, it could be from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Baby will unlatch when full so don't worry about overfeeding. I pump about 3-4 times in the day and once in the middle of the night (important to wake up and pump to prevent mastitis), usually 1 hour after latching. I alternate the breast each feed but you can also latch both. Hope I could answer most of your questions!

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3y ago

How to know if baby is really feeding from boobs or just confort nursing?:/


A pumping or latching session will be min 30 minutes. If you have to have more supply or you still feel full you can pump after latching. Usually offer your boobs 15 min each side. While latching haakaa and store it. The not so tired way is to pump during the day and nurse during the night. Hope it helps! Any questions you can dm me in ig @mummyjlife

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