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Hi Mummies! Could someone share how is a typical breastfeeding and pumping schedule like? Am almost due soon but am a little confused with breastfeeding and pumping. If we only feed baby on one side, do we pump both side or only one side after? Is it necessary to pump after every feed? If we pump exclusively, does it mean tt we pump out milk first and feed baby after? TIA!

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if you want to pump you don't do it after feed it will over stimulate and you might become over supply. usually baby will feed from both breast. what I do is haakaa on the other side save the leak milk and prevent mess. at about baby 2 weeks old I gave bottle in the day and nurse at night. but I'm very disciplined I pump every 2 hourly. breastfeeding works in supply and demand, before your milk established you have to be really discipline. if you have any questions you can dm me at my IG @mummyjlife I will try to guide you along 😊

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11mo ago

pump every 2 hours but for how long?

right after the delivery, if breastmilk is not produced, better feed the baby with formula milk first while u r still pumping. Do not delay, otherwise ur baby will hv problem with the liver. That's what I experienced.

1. The more u do breastfeeding, more breastmilk is produced. it's recommended to pump after breast feed. 2. feed with both sides, 20 mins each or till the baby stops sucking. then continue to pump both sides

for me I stick 3 hourly pump schedule regardless of whether baby has latched. some babies do not clear breast completely so need to pump and clear if not you may risk getting inflamed or supply dipped.