Drink water feels = vomit

Hi mummies, do you feel the same as well when drink water? I feel like water suddenly become weird and my tummy feel bloated

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This happen to me on second trimster... end up i have to drink milk, milo, riebena coke/sprite or ice water ... but you have to limit these drink as well

Ya i vomitted even when i drink water too. Totally nothing gets inside me 🤣 luckily i tried durians, then it just totally stop my naesus..

Don't drink a huge amount in one go. Take small quantities regularly.

Same, i tried sparkling water and it worked super well for me(:

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sparkling water and warm water works for me. drink slowly

Experienced this too... totally dislike water now.

Water with lemon slices worked wonders for me.

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I had the same feeling during trimester 1.

Mayb just sip don't drink too much

Try lemon water.