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Weight gain
Hi mummies, can you share how many kg have you gained during pregnancy?
So far ady 13kg
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I'm 33 weeks pregnant from 58kgs before to 70 kgs now.🤗😖😊
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usual weight 47ish kg 1st trimester- 32kg (dropped drastically) now im in third tri 31+3 - 50ish kg i think (increased insanely) 😅
Knee pain during walk
Hi mummies, can I go to Tcm to massage if my knee is painful during walking? I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and my knee is so painful when I try to walk.
I have the same problem as you. I went for a massage as well.
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Breast pump
Hi mummies, when is the best time to buy breast pump? I am a very first timer mother to be and currently 26 weeks ++
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Pumping is pretty useful within the first weeks after delivery to help increase the milk supply, so you can already start looking for one if you like:)
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You can already start looking for one. You will need it! You'll need to start pumping once the milk came in because if it's too full... it will hurt.
Compression socks
Hi mummies which compression sock is best and comfortable for long flight when you are pregnant?
Belly area
Hi mummies... i am current 24 weeks.. beside linea nigra line, my belly button there become slightly dark and quite itchy... sometimes have red dot near to the belly button there... is it normal?
Red dot like rashes? If slight dark n itchy is normal Cos it can be drying. I use stretch mark oil with cotton bud to remove the dirts, gently clean off. It will go off once u give birth. Same
Baby stroller
Hi mummies, my husband told me its not useful to get a baby stroller now before the baby is born. He told me that should buy when the baby is 2 months onwards. I am not sure about this. Any suggestion
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Yes can buy later(:
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I agree, but depends if you plan to bring baby out before then.
Necessary List To Buy For First Time Mother
Hi mummies, anyone has the complete list of what to buy before your first born arrive?
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Baby stuff - should be complete :) - Mimos Pillow & cover - Thermometer - Earth Angel Mama Nipple Cream - Organic oats & tea bags for Baby Shampoo / Soap - Wash Cloth for feeding baby - Barrier
Anomaly 4d scan in Thomson
How much is the cost to do anomaly 4d scan in Thomson? Any one knows?
Depend ur gynae charges
Blood taste
Hi all, I am 19 weeks going 20 weeks.. sometimes my nosebleed and sometimes I feel like my mouth got blood taste... sort of.. I am very worried :(
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I do have nosebleed during my pregnancy. But it turns out to be fine.
Hip cramp
Hi mummies... I am hitting 20 weeks of pregnancy and everytime I sleep facing left or right, my hips feel cramp and hard to sleep.. is it normal? :(