Remedy for Fever

Hi moms. do you have any home remedy to cure fever on my 8months baby? I already gave him PCM, bath with lemon, put a wet napkin, but his body is still hot (38°c)

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Tulis jawapan
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How many days already? What I always do is monitor baby's temp at night, always put damp cloth.. Bath 3 times a day... N breastfeed. Usually fever will go away in 1-2 days.

3y ago

today already 3days mom.. hope so the fever is gone today... but sometimes the fever is so annoying at night but after 1hours i gave him a pcm. then he will be okay but im not sure if that is the best way to handle the fever seems like i am depending with the medications. im scared for the side effect. but last night his temp suddenly strike until 39.4 then i directly went to see a doctor but because of my baby is still below 2yrs, active and no problem with eating and drinking, so the doctor onlu gave me another pcm and SUPP.