need tips for son to gain weight

My oldest son which 7 years old is much skinner compare to other boys same with his age.. his weight now only 14kg.. can i give him scott emulsion for him just to gain weight? for your info, his appetit to food are much more bigger than i am but he is not gaining any weight. I also gave him pediasure milk but he is getting taller, not gain any weight.. please help..

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Sis try bgi dia bubur pumpkin.. Sbb my aunt pun ada masalah serupa dgn ank dia yg mum try suggest dgn dia try ka c mkn bubur pumpkin.. Thank gods his child gaining weight plus selera mkn dia pun mkn bgus..

5y ago

Sama2 sj sis.. No problems

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Susah hati kan kalau anak berselera tapi berat susah naik. Hmmmm.