colds and phlegm.

My baby is just 5 months old. Earlier, my baby had a hot fever reaching 39.9. I have brought my baby to see a doctor. And, after 1 day my baby's fever has recovered after being given a fever medication. Two days later, my baby had a flu and cough, it was like there were a lot of phlegm in my baby's chest. I have brought my baby to see the doctor again, but only the nose drops are given. So now my baby is still coughing and still flu , it's been over 5 days. I am very worried. My baby is still breastfeeding. But I still worry when I hear my baby coughing and it will sound like a lot of phlegm in my baby's chest. What else can I do to eliminate my baby's phlegm and cough? tell me how can i know if my baby in a terrible flu. And what i shouldnt do while my baby got flu. i really need a help from expert mother or expert doctor. thank you so much.

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baby cough to expel their pleghm and they will swallow it and it will be discharge through their poop as they can't do spitting out like adult yet. I would make sure they sleep slightly tilted up and allow easy breathing and make sure I offer them a lot of water, and ensure room humidity is good to encourage self healing? if symptoms persist just make sure you follow up with your paeds

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Boleh cuba buat minyak bawang putih. Caranya, bakar bawang putih, kemudian lenyekkan dan letak olive oil/argan oil etc. Sapukan dibahagian dada, belakang dan tapak kaki. Bawang putih sangat baik untuk melegakan selesema dan memberi keselesaan pada dada.

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