wash n pack or not to wash n pack.

hi mommies! i want to know how early you guys prepare the baby stuffs? for labour room n at home? for labour room, when is the right time to pack? do you wash the clothes and pack as soon as all the stuff ready or do you wait until almost to the due date to wash and then pack? or you wash then keep it in clean box or drawer or wardrobe then when its time, then you pack? at home clothes, just wash and keep or wait until almost to the due date to wash? because got old saying, we cant get things ready too early because bad things can happen. my mom always said,"dont get too excited, bcs too excited can invite bad news later". and guess what, what my mom said is always true. too nervous to do anything. but im already 29 weeks. maybe 34 weeks? idk. it just that i dont want to do it later since i had previous health condition and im worried if im not able to prepare it on the last minute. i just dont want to make my mom worry too.

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Actually I in 17weeks now and yes I already washed and packed the babies stuffs (clothes, diapers,wet tissue,toiletries set and etc) but mommy stuffs I still collect and put in 1 place and still unpack yet.It's okay too make the preparation early rather then nothing or doing it last minute. All the baby stuffs I washed and reorganized it in a drawer and labelled it.

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Hi dear... i done all stuff u had stated above during my 37 weeks. I washed all her clothes and then pack it up, clean up my room as well including major cleaning -clear all the dusk.. to me, that time is the most suitable since we r fullterm. n yet doing the house chores is 1 kind of exercise. so its kinda multitasking.

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ur welcome 💓💓