Bad Nausea and Headache

I'm pregnant for 8 weeks now,and I keep vomiting for 6 to 8 times a day...I'm so tired and crying because I'm too exhausted...and I having a bad headache all the time...dont know how to cure it...I cant take any medicine,the doctors doesnt allowed me too until 3 month of pregnancy....I can't even smell any food or cooking...I don't know what to do anymore..this is my first child (T-T)

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Hang in there.. Bad pregnancy symptoms are a sign of healthy pregnancy. I had that with the second preg, it's horrible but not much that the doctors can do. Try find things tht help to ease the nausea. Mine were sour things, like really sour..

Tambah air di Hospital/Klinik untuk tambah air supaya lebih selesa.. Setiap Minggu..

2y ago

apa maksud tambah air?

me also same situations. Mc mc and mc. huhuhu pity my officemate.

Pergi hospital terus, normally dorang akan isi air...