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Hi mommies. Just wanna ask if a down syndrome test is really necessary?

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Tis is jus my opinion ya: It aint necessary. To me i feel that if the baby turns out special, i rather know later than stress about it throughout the pregnancy. And taking the test makes me feel bad like am i gonna abort jus because its a special baby? But on the other hand, knowing early helps u prepare in case it does happen.. but it will keep making u worry from the day u find out..

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It depends on you? If you are pro-life (meaning you will keep baby no matter what), then it wouldn’t really be necessary. But if you’re pro-choice (opposite of pro-life), then you can consider doing regardless of how young you are n Low risk your age group is at!

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If u are above 35 years old, it’s necessary as the risk level is higher and the test will give u an assurance if the baby is indeed healthy and normal. :)

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If u r high risk pregnancy, eg. Above 35yrs old, some medical condition or family history

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If you would choose to give birth even your baby has down syndrome then is unnecessary.

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I didn’t because I was below 25. And the gynae told me not to waste money

Depends on your comfort level, we did, but we have friends who did not

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I didnt do it too as financial at that point of time was crucial

Is optional, but we did the harmony test. Both of us age 30.

It all depends whether u want to keep the baby regardless.