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hi!! any mommies have done a down syndrome (isit callee oscar test?) screening at kkh under subsidised rates? can share with me how much is it? im with kkh currently. thanks!!

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PR subsidized rate in KKH for first trimester test is approximate 260sgd. KKH no longer call it Oscar test, it is called first trimester test which includes ultrasound and blood test. Singaporean subsidized rate should b lower. there is another more expensive down syndrome test called Harmony Test which has 99% accuracy. Pr subsidized rate is approximate 560sgd. note that this two tests are not diagnostic test, just risk assessment test.

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I did mine last week. 300plus for harmony test after subsidy. Without subsidy is more than 1k. If you are doing at Kkh :63948969 This is the directline to harmony test dept . You can call to find out more.

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I did mine in January this yr if im not wrg.. Under subsidised with blue chas card, harmony test cost us around $220?

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I recalled my gynae mentioned it is less than $350 but that was three year ago. Not sure what is the rate now...

Got two types. One is, before 14/15 weeks test cost $174. another one is 99% accurate which call harmony $375.

i just did it January this year at KKH, it was about $350-$375 for Oscar Test and $800+ for Harmony Test.

3y ago

Yes. It is more expensive cause it is more accurate. Oscar may have some false positive results and patient may have to do harmony test when that happens

If u do harmony test, u can get to know your gender as early as week 10.

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i did mine at SGH cost $700(private) plus 3 years ago. Nt sure how much now.

12mo ago

hihi, is this payable via medisave?

Subsidies rate below $300 if i remember correctly

Wow.. kkh so cheap, my gynae charge is 500plus