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Hello Mummies! Do your think is necessary to do the Down syndrome test? I am struggling to decide.

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It depends on individual. Some couples want to do it so that to abort if the baby has issues due to several reasons(baby's future especially when the couple die at old age, financial, reluctant to see the baby suffer, stress to handle, others view etc) whereas some will accept and get themselves prepared. We did it so that to prepare ourselves. Just to share, was told by gynaecologist that my younger child may have heart/brain issue or may not survive long after birth when my wife was on 3 days to 24 weeks pregnancy(one is disallow to terminate when is 24 weeks). We decided not to abort. She is healthy, smart and doing well now(can be even better but we didn't push).

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Previously 2 boys I didn't. When I conceived first baby I was only 19, not much risk.. My 2nd baby was 29, I asked my gynae what are my probabilities - 1 in 800 hence I didn't do. I am now conceiving my 3rd baby after 2 miscarriages in a year, and due to age, I am 33 now, I would be doing the NIPT test just to be safe.

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It depends on yourself. If whatever results comes out, u still wants to keep it then u can opt not to. But for me and hub, we went for it coz we will not keep the bb if its abnormal as he will not have quality of life and will become a burden to his sibling when we pass on...

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I did nipt for both preg coz of my age. Dont want to take any risk. Can know gender too.


I guess it depend on individual. I did both me and my hub feels that if baby have issue we won't want to keep. Not just baby suffer, we suffer our family member will suffer too. If you think no matter what's the result you want to keep then skip it.

I think it depends on your expectations of the quality of life after birth. If it doesn’t matter to you, then it’s not necessary to test. But if the results will affect your choices then it’s good to test and be better prepared.

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It depends on how you look at it. My hub and I decided no matter what happen we will still keep our baby. However I still went for the first time scan just to get ourselves prepared for the after birth.

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It is def not necessary and a choice. If you belong to the low risk group or decide that you will bring baby to the world regardless of down syndrome or not, then there is no strong reason to

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Yes, I think it is necessary. If it’s positive, I need time to be mentally prepared and save up more and think of ways to help my child.

I did both Oscar and NIPT due to my age. If you are willing to have the child regardless of outcome then you can choose not to do.

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Nope. We didnt do the test for #1, not gonna do it this time as well.. Depends on your comfort level..