down syndrome test.

Is it a must to do the down syndrome test? Any suggestions

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My gynae told me the following: Every women at every age have risk of Down syndrome babies. If you intend to keep ur baby no matter what happen, skip the test. If you make decisions based on the result of the test, then do the test. For me & my hubby, we did the test as we are curious and also IF there’s a high risk of Down syndrome and IF we choose to keep the baby, we will be more mentally ready to accept the child when he/she is born and be prepared on how to take care of the child, rather than be caught off guard when the baby is born. It’s really up to you :) hope it helps.

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Not a must. Good to find out I guess, but if you're keeping the baby no matter what, then it's perfectly fine to skip it.

3y ago

Guess I wont be then :) My doc was asking me to do it and he was charging almost 2k for it but I am not at high risk age and I guess there was no need

Not a must, but if the gynae suggested it or you want to have a peace of mind, you can do the Oscar first. :)


Not a must but good to do Especially for women with age after 35 years old


Not necessary, unless u are high age or have health issue.

Not a must do, we did not do it

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not a must, but good to do