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A first time mum to a 8 mths old baby

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Occasional sharp pains at c-sect
Does anyone else still have occasional sharp pains at their c-sect site? I do get them from time to time especially when work requires me to keep squatting n standing. How long b4 i fully recover? I
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Just ignore those negativity. Everyone’s body is different!
Sleep Scratching
My LO would grab n scratch anything he can furiously until he falls asleep. Sadly one of the thing he grabs is my face. Still though, he does manage to fall asleel after 5 mins of scratching my face o
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Maybe let your LO sleep with a small bolster or soft toy? Probably not a good idea to let LO develop a habit of harming you and thinking that it is ok...
Or give hima cloth or a soft toy for him to squeeze and scratch?
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My baby have eczema so he really scratches himself till bleed sometime. Try getting those mitten so they can’t scratch
Is this safe then?
Hi guys, the pic is just a sample of some of the items i found at NTUC.. 4mths baby food has 6mths label stickers on them. Is it ok still to give to my 5mths baby. Im slowly starting to wean him to f
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I prefer fresh make too
If got time, prepare fresh puree better
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I only start hovering solid food after 6mo
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You can but maybe start off with just a little...
Shld b ok
rashes after vaccination
After receiving his 5 in 1 n rotavirus inj, DS started having small red bumps like rashes ard his inj area.. nw it spread up to his tummy.. he aint having a fever though.. issit a cause of concern?
Probably need to send him back to PD to take a look
I think you should bring your child back for a check! Sounds like an allergic reaction 😣 hope your lil one gets well soon!
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It sounds like he is allergy to certain chemical. Please go back to the pd for advise.
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Hi... developing rashes after vaccination might indicate that your child is allergic to some of the medications. Please bring your child to see a doctor or PD for treatment