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Hi mommies, may I know when is the best time to give my lo puree feeding? Everyone say that I can start giving at 4mths, is that true? My lo is turning 4mths tmr..

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6 months is the recommended age when LO able to sit upright and their digestive system is ready for solid. PD will advise and suggest the suitable age to start solid if needed to start earlier before 6 months

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We hv started feed purée n solids from 5th to 6th month .. I hv read somewhere tht who starts early feeding causes picky eating in kids .. I don’t know weather it’s true or not u may check ..

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Hi... I introduced solids to my baby when he was 6 months. But generally you can start from 4 to 6 months. And it’s your preference.

I went to kkh and PD advice to feed my Daughter at 4 months. Start with a few tea spoon at a time , let them get use to it.

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I have goggle this previously for reference

You can slowly introduce puree to your LO by replacing 1 of the meal. Until he is comfortable and used to it.

After 6 months! But well.. Up to your own comfort level if you wanna feed at 4 months

6 months would be perfect for that. they develop tatste buds also by then.

6 months old to make sure they are really ready. But u can try

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I gave at 6 months! Make sure he can sit well already.

Please wait until 6 months before you start on solids.