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my dau is turning 3 yrs old in feb 2019. At this moment she is drinking stage 3 milk. May i know when can i start giving her Stage 4?? Before she turns 3 yrs old or it has to be exactly 3 years old. If it is before, whats the best time to give.

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I'd say to wait until she's 3 years old, or you can start when she's near but the formula ran out (eg. 1-2 weeks before she turns 3 then stage 3 runs out). Another alternative is to consider fresh milk instead, because her main source of nutrients after 1 year old should be from food and no longer from milk - unless she has any medical requirement :)

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for me, i will wait till she hit 3yrs old then i change to the next stage. but currently im giving my kids pediasure. no need change from age 1 to 12 😊

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At 3 she doesn’t need formula anymore. My little one is fully transitioned to cows fresh milk

At this age, you can give her cow's milk. I gave my lo Meiji fresh milk...

Cow's milk is good