I was told that baby main diet is milk for 6 months and 7 months. But I will give him abit puree in the afternoon and the rest of the day I give milk, is it okay? I saw some mummies giving porridge, stem fish and others solid food. May I know should I give my LO more solid food ? My LO is going to 7 months. He have 2 teeth and he know how to chew abit.. But I not sure how to start the diet schedule.. can mummy advice me if I give my LO half of the ready made puree once a day is it enough?

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It's ok. Some mummies prefer to give porridge instead of puree. For me, I didn't like those jar puree so I didn't offer. I only gave porridge arnd 10months old. I gave once a day only. Babies below 1 main source of food should be MILK.

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it's okay to start purée for a start! yes any solid before 1yo are just for 'fun' Milk is still the main source for babies below 1yo! You can offer purée once a day. aim during 'lunch' time

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