Feeding solid at 4mths plus.

Is it ok to start solid? i tried feeding LO two babyspoon perday.

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i recommend you to check with your PD first. but a rough guideline is if baby able to show interest in food when adults are eating and also able to sit with support

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I would wait til 6 months. But, if you get a green light from your Pd then i think its safe.


I feed at 5 month plus. best is only when your baby able to sit with support

Tats quite fast . Baby doesn't need any solid now . Wait till 6 months

i started at 4months too n changed to baby led at 6months

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better to wait until your lo turn 6 months old (:

It's fine if he/she is comftable with it.

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i waited till 6 months to start

I waited till 6 Months