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1 year old baby girl party

Hi, All Need your help to suggest to me which cake shop is good to order a smash cake and a cake for everyone. And finger food as well. Thanks in advance
Hi... you might wanna consider some of the cakes shops suggested in this article
You can try Delcie's Desserts and Cakes. Although I think most cake shops do have smash cakes now.

Family portrait

Hello , I’m thinking to take a family portrait. Do you have any company to recommend & the estimated price ? Total of 8 people.
Thanks for all the suggestions, I am not familiar, so good to know 😊
Serangoon Broadway is good for family portraits.
You can consider Bambini Photography.
Are you taking casual or formal family photo v we had a casual photoshoot with firefly photography and it's lovely!
Hi... you might wanna consider some of the photographers listed in this article.


I suspect my Daughter has a sucking issue. Seems like she does not suck well. But she does breastfeed well. I’m teaching her to take the bottle but she does not know how to suck. She just bites on it.
How old is she now? Maybe you can try a softer teat with ease of flow (extra one more hole) so she doesn't have to use to much effort? Don't give up!
There could be some nipple confusion happening because it actually takes them more effort to latch directly than to drink from a bottle - which is also kinda why some babies get used to a bottle and t
Did you try other bottles? U can try pigeon the teats are soft & smooth texture. Though i’m using medela. U can try medela bottles too 😊
Did you try giving other bottles? If you have tried it and it doesn't work, maybe can feed using a cup? You can bring her to the polyclinic if you are really concern.
Hi mummy. Your baby is just exploring the new texture. Just be patient. For an afternoon feed, just let her play with the bottle without offering to breastfeed. She will figure it out.

503 Bedok north My First Skool infant care

Hi parents , any of you place your LO in this center for infant care? Is there any feedback?
I hear it is alright...

I need help!! My breastfeed baby doesn’t want to take the bottle.

Hi all, I need suggestions as I have tried to search on how to get a breastfed Baby to take the bottle. Sometimes she will drink from the bottle but most of the time she doesn’t want to. She will not
My postnatal masseuse gave me a good insight. The bottle teat has to resemble mom’s nipple size and shape as much possible. My LO has no issue with bottle thankfully, we just started to introduce it
I tried all ways. And she sometimes drink from the bottle but most of the time she won’t. No matter how hungry she is. She will be in infant care in Dec. So worried. I tried getting hubby to feel. And
I have same prob too ... my baby refuse the bottles since 2 months old till now he is one year ... no choice hv to feed using cup or spoon ..
Who feeds using the bottle? It is said that the mum who is breastfeeding should not feed using the bottle. Ask someone else to feed it. That way, the smell associated with you feeding the baby directl

My 5 weeks old baby does not want to take afternoon nap

Since she reaches week 4 , I have a difficult time making her take her afternoon nap. Normally I will nurse her till she close her eyes and stop sucking them I will put her down. But she always sleeps
How does she sleep at night? Do you close your curtains during the day and make the room dark? At this age, the baby is starting to understand the day-night rhythm. So during the day, do not make th