If a million dollar fell on your lap, what would you do with it?

Travel around the world? Donate half of the money? Share with us what you would do ?

If a million dollar fell on your lap, what would you do with it?
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finish off paying like car loan & hdb loan. family debts if have or they need money to settle stuffs. once immediate family settled, proceed to another urgent priority.

1st thks GOD & Transfer a certain amount to my LO"S saving acct & start to plan VACATION wif my hubby & last but not least DONATE TO THE HADICAP SOCIETY & AVA ;)

Spend a quarter straight away on travelling, entertainment, donate a quarter, invest half maybe in starting my own company

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Get a bigger house so that all my family members can live together under one roof and donate the rest if the money(:

Pay off whatever debts or outstanding payments I owe. Donate parts of it and of course definitely travel..

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Donate few percent for charity... Invest ... Travel with my family.. make saving for my bby education...

Donate a little, splurge a little, invest and save with majority of the money

Donate 40% of it, save 30% and spend the rest on holidays

Donate 60%, buy house for my family, car and invest

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Travel around the world ,spend with hubby and kids