Ease and feasibility of traveling around Singapore with an infant on public transport

Recently, my husband put across an idea for us to purchase a car since we are expecting soon. His idea was that a car gives us flexibility and convenience to travel around, especially with a child. Was just wondering if it is absolutely necessary since the public transport system is adequate for us now. Is it easy and feasible to travel with a child in Singapore on the public transport? Would also like to know what are the financial considerations in purchasing a car. Thank you in advance.

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My husband put it across too before I pop. So I told him to try PT first for first few months before deciding to purchase. So far there’s no complaint from him. Because whenever we need to go somewhere with baby. We could always call cab. Or if we are in no rush we will take train with baby. And my LO actually loves it. So much that he actually can starts to point at bus and say bus or bird or train when he’s just 8 months young. I believe it’s bcos we frequently exposed him to public and teaching him some stuff along the way to our destination. So why not try without car first before deciding it?

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As for us, we both work at CBD area, so season parking cost up to $500 a month. Along with HDB season parking, that’s like $650 burnt in a month just to park the car. We felt that it was rather unnecessary and prefer taking grab.