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What’s your parenting style like? Do you spilt the task between you and your other half? If yes, how? Personally I feel that it’s important to come to a consensus with your partner on what kind of parenting style the both of you would like to have for your child. If there’s different thoughts on the same issue it could lead to frequent quarrels with your other half. Which is bad for the relationship. So for me I’m in charge of doing most of the decisions and coaching my girl on academic matters.

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Hello Engel, the parenting style I aim to use is gentle and responsive parenting. My son is still very young so have yet to put to practice but I try to be as responsive as possible to his cries and signals. Me and my partner has fairly different parenting style but we have similar beliefs in instilling characteristics and moral values we deemed important. Currently, I rarely split tasks between myself and my partner as I take more of a leading role in the early months and my partner will be more hands-on when my son is more alert and aware. Hopefully I answered some of your questions! I definitely agree with you that it is important to be on the same page with your partner ☺️

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