What’s your parenting style like? Do you spilt the task between you and your other half? If yes, how? Personally I feel that it’s important to come to a consensus with your partner on what kind of parenting style the both of you would like to have for your child. If there’s different thoughts on the same issue it could lead to frequent quarrels with your other half. Which is bad for the relationship. So for me I’m in charge of doing most of the decisions and coaching my girl on academic matters.

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Super Mum

Where 2 people are involved, there will always be differences. I guess both parties need to constantly talk it out and come to a consensus, so that the child will not get confused by inconsistent standards. While some days are intense, I would say most days are fun, discussing with my husband about how we do things and even manage the little situations. We’ve gotten to know our kids pretty well, and our kids also like doing different things with each of us, so playing our own roles is most of the time quite seamless for us. Then there are things like feeding/bathing/changing diapers/putting the kids to bed, that both of us are able to do equally well, so we can cover each other when one is sick/needs rest. At the end of the day, between father and mother, it’s not about who calls the shots/who wins. It’s a partnership, and in my personal opinion, the best thing that we can do for our kids is to show them that daddy and mummy love each other, and that that is one of the strong foundations of our family. This gives them security and they know that our love for them is here to last a long time. For decisions, we sometimes push for our way, and we sometimes give in. Sometimes I let my husband try his way, and when that method fails, I use mine. So he doesn’t feel that I disrespect him, and when I get to try my method, he respectfully steps back too. We ask each other questions a lot and have fruitful discussions. Time and again, I feel blessed to have found this man to do life with. Even our children will imitate us, and call us “Dear…”. Lol

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