My mil has been helping to take care of my baby while my hub and I work. As she will be leaving us soon, we are wondering how we could possibly cope. Is a helper really necessary? How do those without helpers cope?
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Helper is Not necessary in all cases. Though A trained and reliable helper is a big help. In case you can’t get one, day care or relying on family members is the next best choice. Carefully choose the
A trained helper is a life saver
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I guess a helping hand is must if we opt for work .. or else put ur baby in day care ..
Are you worried about who will take care or housework? Housework, it depends on whether both of you are willing to split the load else get a part time helper?
Hi, It very much depends on the working timings of both of you. Hence I suggest, discuss this with each other, and if both of you are busy and have longer work timings, it is better to have a helper