Parents of 2 without helper?

Hello! Is there any family out there with 2 kids without a helper? The people i know seem to all hve helpers! Pls share how do you cope and what kind of routines help? Edit: thanks for sharing 💕 sorry wanted to clarify for families with both parents working!

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i have 2 kids - 34months 👦& 10months 👧 no helper no parents no in-law only hubby and me 😉 I send my boy (23monts old) to Childcare 1 month before no 2 arrival, I did my own Confinement. one of the reason I don't engage CN or helper is I don't feel comfortable with stranger around. hubby will send no 1 to Childcare at 7am, that's the time I start my daily routine with my no 2: pump milk, laundry, housekeeping, prepare lunch and dinner etc I will pick up my boy from Childcare at around 430pm, we will go nearby mall for tea break, playground before heading home for dinner Hubby reach home at aroud 730pm, we will have dinner and I will hand over 2 Los to him for shower and 💤

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1mo ago

We also used to stays with my in law but he is very calculate the porridge that I cook I wan to make hot n eat he just pour inside the place that we need to wash our plates u should at least pour out put on a bowl then if we wan to make hot to eat still can eat ma

I’m a mother to two, an infant and toddler. Both my kids goes to IFC and Childcare. Since I’m a working mother, I will drop the kids off to school before heading to work. My husband will pick the kids up at 6pm. We also split the house chores accordingly like he does the laundry and I do the folding (usually done after work). Everyday is a very tiring day but we manage. There are weekends I will hire a part-time maid to help deep clean the house :)

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hi im a mum with 3 kids, 5, 3 and 5 months old. i dont have a helper. i send my 5 yr to k1 for 4 hrs , in that 4 hrs i would rush to cook clean and do laundry. pick her up , bath dinner and by then let them play abit make them tired while i attend to my fully bf bby. its very tiring. But we have to move on.. everyday i cant wait to go to sleep. thats my routine.

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1mo ago

im nt working full time housewife :)

Im with 2 kids , 36month & 11 month old and currently pregnant 20weeks . Its quite tiring although im a SAHM without any helper or mother & mother in law , daily routine starts at 10am , get to power nap @ 3pm and continue with house works till 10pm .

ya We have 3 children and we are both working hard to gives our children a bigger home a 4rm flat now upgrade to a bigger house because my children have grown up le age 19 boy, Girl 17, Boy 9