Working Mum Without Any Helper Or Help From Family

Any working mums without help from family members or helpers? How do you cope? Am finding it hard to cope. Currently baby is 5 months and is at infant care during work days. But I find my work is suffering and my productivity dropping due to little sleep and tiredness. Just find it hard to concentrate at work. Considering to hire full time Helper but will add on financial strain and also loss of privacy. Will not trust helper with baby so will still put at infant care. Is this a good solution? Any Mummies can advise?

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Part time helper to assist on housework? I'm working with 5.5months old boy without any help as well, multitasking and sharing of workload with hubby is the key, ie I do laundry & he will do ironing

4y ago

Basically he helps everything ie. Cloth - I wash, he fold/iron Feeding - i pump/prepare/wash, he feed Meal - I shop, he cook