My mil is a gentle and nice person. However there is 1 behavior I don't really like about her is she likes to leave her clothes/towel at my place everytime she come to our house for stay. She comes about 1-2 times a year (longest 3 weeks so far). Her reason is because she has more than enough clothes at home so she can spare some here so that she can wear when she come over. And my concern is the room is a guest room, not a room specifically reserve for her, so she shouldn't occupy the wardrobe space eventhough she is not here. Talk to husband about this and he said it's not nice to tell her mom not to put her clothes here, she will feel herself is not welcome and she used to do that at his sis house too. Husband is not so happy too when we talk about this topic. And the next time when my mil comes over she will bring more clothes again as she said she has forgotten she spare some here. Oh well, so the clothes that she put at my place is getting more an more. My LO is coming soon and I really need to spare the wardrobe for my baby.. What should I do with all her clothes..

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Put all her clothes in the store room and make sure it’s kept well and not like a bunch of junk clothes to prevent any misunderstanding . Prepare a set clothing whenever she’s coming over and ask your hubby to tell her you prepared the clothes so she don’t need to bring more . This will make both of them happy . If anyone were to ask where’s her clothes just say you kept it in the store room as baby is arriving and I believe she will understand .

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If your mil is a nice gentle person like you said then don't take it for granted. Your concern is a very small thing and not worth upsetting your mil over. Your husband is right, his mother should have a right to leave stuff in your house and not nice to make her feel unwelcome. Why not buy a separate small drawer for her to keep her clothes, or new wardrobe for baby if there's not enough space.

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2y ago

I agree halfway to your point which is it's not nice to upset her mil because she only stays over 2-3 times a year, but it doesnt mean she have the right to leave her clothes everywhere she wants. What she can do is she can probably pack it properly in a organiser (like those you use for travelling to separate out clothes and other essential items in luggage) and tell put it in a nice way to her mil that baby is coming soon and you'll need some space for baby items so please dont feel offended about your clothes being stored in the organiser. I believe her mil will be more willing to accept this explanation and mama will be happy about the boundaries rather than mama keeping quiet and argue with husband over this.

Tell her nicely will do. If not u can chuck it up at the storage since she only stay 1 to 2 times a year. If she sees and ask, u can reply that u needed the space, and prevent your clothes from getting dusty, I store at ziplock bags for u. " and ask her to bring her clothes home after, in a nicest way.

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I don’t see a big issue on this. There is no need to tell her not to leave her stuff in your house. You can just tell her you would be keeping her stuff in a luggage as you need the space for the LO’s things. I believe she would be ok with this.

Some mils are passive aggressive, slowly adding her clothes to slowly move in. Vacuum pack her clothes and keep in the store room. Next time she visits, open the store room and show her it's packed and ready for her to take home.


I don't see a big issue if you're worried she might keep putting her clothes at your place till she wanna move in you can pack in a box the next time she come bring out the box to her let her know instead of telling her

For long term peace... Allocate a side for her instead of whole ....kid also dun need alot space. Stroage can buy and make space... Harmony ..has money also cannot Buy...

Why not wash them and pack them nicely in a bag and hand over to her? Since only 2 to 3 times she visits, it shouldn't be too much of a problem?

Tell your mother in law you need to you the cupboard for baby clothing... can you keep her stuff inside a box instead

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Ask your husband to tell her, f she's gentle and nice as you've said she'll understand(: