My mil is a gentle and nice person. However there is 1 behavior I don't really like about her is she likes to leave her clothes/towel at my place everytime she come to our house for stay. She comes about 1-2 times a year (longest 3 weeks so far). Her reason is because she has more than enough clothes at home so she can spare some here so that she can wear when she come over. And my concern is the room is a guest room, not a room specifically reserve for her, so she shouldn't occupy the wardrobe space eventhough she is not here. Talk to husband about this and he said it's not nice to tell her mom not to put her clothes here, she will feel herself is not welcome and she used to do that at his sis house too. Husband is not so happy too when we talk about this topic. And the next time when my mil comes over she will bring more clothes again as she said she has forgotten she spare some here. Oh well, so the clothes that she put at my place is getting more an more. My LO is coming soon and I really need to spare the wardrobe for my baby.. What should I do with all her clothes..

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Y to keep in wardrobe when she is not stay , keep it in a box 📦 or in suitcase ..

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Store her clothes somewhere else. In a box or something.

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I am sure she will understand if you tell her gently

Its nt a big issues out here. Agree with your husb.

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Vacuum pack and keep in a box, in a cupboard.

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cn try to talk to her abt it

Put her clothes into a box

Agree with your husband