What age can your toddler sleep by himself?

Meaning no patting. No rocking. No need to sleep with them. Basically don’t need your presence to fall asleep.

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Patting and rocking is a habit. My daughters can sleep by their own about 1 year old. Put them into their playpen, say good night and close the door. Cries for first few night, but i refuse to entertain. Gradually they stop and sleep on their own. :)

Depends on individual kids actually. Some can sleep on their own by 1 year old without carrying and patting to sleep. There are others who need to carry and rock till 3 years plus.

Mine sleep thru the night when she was 6 months old. Fell asleep on her own, no patting, rocking needed. I think sleeping pattern for every child is different.

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Mine about 9mo. But now he get older, he needs to do everything together. So even tho no rocking or patting, but have to “sleep” together

Sorry to add on, need some patting before that but thereafter sleep through the night For lights off and sleep ownself, more of 2 yo

First one: 4mo Second one: 7mo Some sleep training done, of course it also depends on the baby too!

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Mines 3.5 and still needs someone to put her to sleep. She sleeps in her own room though

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Preferably after one year old

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Between 4 to 5 years old

1 year old