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Hi parents, I’m wondering how do you put your baby to sleep? My LO is 3 months and she’s getting heavier by the day, but needs to be carried (while walking) and pat to sleep still. Sometimes we need to carry her for half an hour to one hour before she falls asleep. Any suggestions for ways to put your LO to sleep other than carrying and patting her?

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Hi my lo is also like this but nowadays we just put him to sleep when he is somewhat half asleep and then when he moves we tilt him on his right side to pat his butt so that he can continue to fall back to sleep in a deep sleep way. :D

Maybe you can try to Google sleep training for your LO. Apparently it takes lots of patience & you must bear to let your LO to go through certain process of being independent in sleeping.

I think is your baby not at her sleep window yet, hence don’t want to slp. You may want to join sleeping like an sg baby. Once the sleep window is caught right, pat awhile slp le

i put my baby in yao lan till he sleeps then i transfer him to bed. he is also a light sleeper and hard to fall asleep baby.

My baby is like that too. We r advised by professional to swaddle her and she can slp on her own now. No need to pat.

swaddle and pat her. carrying her while walking is kind of bad as the child will be addicted to it

You can try swaddle her and play lullaby + pat to sleep. Mine use this way 10mins will sleep

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Try baby carrier or wrap, really works wonders to make baby sleepy

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Which baby carrier do you use? You walk around with the baby in the carrier?

Yao lan