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Hi everyone. Can i know until which month do you rock your baby to sleep? When will babies able to self-soothe to sleep and doesnt need rocking?

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It's really different for each baby as everyone says. If your baby can't self soothe yet don't worry and try again later on, it is a milestone like other milestones and some will take longer to get there than others! Sleep training is quite controversial so it's up to you whether you think it's necessary. For me I never sleep trained and only recently (13 months ish) my baby managed to sleep on her own with a bit of patting, so yeah baby will eventually get there whether you intervene or not 😁

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Most babies need to be trained to sleep on their own. They don’t suddenly not want to be carried or rocked anymore. You can start training baby to self soothe from 4-6 months. There are many methods of sleep training that you can read up on and decide which suits you:)

my 1mo depending on her mood hahah sometimes if rocking doesnt helps, i just put her down on my bed or her cot, she will self-soothe herself and go to sleep. hard to predict so its more on enduring her cries. wish babies can talk and tell us straight 😂


I don't rock my baby to sleep I believe in when they get used to it we are in trouble. So since young I just leave her to fall asleep herself or just pat her abit.

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Usually by 4 months, they should learn to self soothe. Babies need routine, familiarity, a cool and dark environment to have better sleep

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10 months or so, he suddenly stopped latching to sleep, then figured out how to flip over and sleep while we pat his buttocks lightly.

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It’s really depends .. but they r very sleepy no need to rock they just fall sleep without any sooth or rock

Is different for each baby. I rocked my gal until 11 months and successfully trained her to self sleep at 1 yo

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Different for every babies. I still rock my 7mo to sleep 😃

6 month after that he don’t like to be rock