When can your baby sleep without any sleep associations?

What did you do to make your baby learn to fall asleep on his/her own without any rocking/sucking/nursing etc?

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LO was a DL baby, didn’t take pacifier nor bottle. She only latch to sleep since born. She has a baby lullaby machine that will play when she is sleeping. When she was 10 months, I dropped her night feed, so she will sleep through the night. I gave her very small baby pillows(the size that won’t suffocate her)to smell/cuddle to sleep. She still enjoy listening to the lullaby to sleep. When she was 12 months, introduce fresh milk in straw cup in the afternoon before her nap. So she won’t be latching/nursing to nap in the afternoon. Introduce soft toys for her to cuddle and sleep. So that she will feel secure with the cuddling and smell. Started reading her books before putting her to bed too. However I will still lay down besides her till she fall asleep. Still play her lullaby, she will ask her it too.. At 15 months, totally stopped nursing her to sleep. She will drink milk from the straw cup, brush her teeth, read bedtime story and put her to sleep with her lullaby. Even midnight if she had nightmares or woke up, she will ask to play the lullaby and goes back to sleep..

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I will usually have some play time or bring my son to the park after dinner to drain his energy so that he can sleep better at night on his own.

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Keen to know too! My girl is gg to 18 months. But still wants ppl to rock her.

4y ago

Me too! My LO is 15mths still need to rock

I think that is fairly difficult 😅

It took a few months.