From holding baby to sleep to making him sleep independently?

For mummies who didn’t sleep train, how old was your baby when he or she managed to fall asleep independently without you rocking them? My baby is 3 months old and I’ve been rocking him to sleep and co-sleep as he wakes up shortly in his crib. For naps, I’ve been holding him so that he can sleep longer. But I think this isn’t good and sustainable :(

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Hi mummy! You’re not alone. Baby who sleeps with you will naturally be independent on their own. They prefer to sleep with you because they feel safe and secure and you’re his sense of belonging . My son wants me to cradle him to sleep until more than 1 years old. When he’s getting heavier I slowly pillow talk with him and hug him to sleep. Now I just need to accompany him to sleep and he will sleep on his own. Just to make sure that I’m around him. It’s perfectly okay mummy, they need time to grow and learn too. When they grow up, you’ll miss sleeping with them! 🥲

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My daughter wanted us to rock her to sleep when she was younger. Now that she is 10 months old, sometimes she prefers to sleep independently, she struggles when we carry her during her bed time. When we leave her in the cot, with nursery rhymes and air-conditioning, she fell asleep on her own after abit of rolling about in her cot. But once in a while, there will also be days she wants us to rock her to sleep before putting her down in the cot. Really depends on her mood.

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We put them to sleep in their cot since we returned from the hospital.. after feeding, swaddle, put them in their cots and they’ll fall asleep.. occasionally when they wake up cranky, just carry awhile.. n put them back to lie down.. we sleep in the same room though..

I didn’t sleep train. Baby has been cosleeping with us since birth. She started singing and soothing herself to sleep around 4.5m. We just let her roll here and there with her blanket, sing herself (ahhhh ooohhhhh) then she will fall asleep.

I didnt sleep train both....usually after they drink milk they will sleep by themself in the crib. I guess every child is different. You can try by putting him beside you than u trf him back to the crib.

Mine was 1 yr old when I let him Sleep independently in his own cot which was placed besides my bed to give him a sense of security.

just put them on bed and let them sleep by their own of course either myself or hubby will be with them on the bed

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on 🎶 🎵 give them🧸 📖 etc sing for them chat with them eventually will 💤

Sleep training is incredibly difficult.. anyone else have problems w this?