So many people support the idea of giving babies breastmilk as long as possible. As mummies, we also know how tiring it is to pump/let our baby latch and how time consuming it is etc. Can i know how many months were your baby when you made the switch to full formula milk? Or how long are you planning to continue with giving breastmilk?

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For my first child, I latched and pumped till 10 months. Had frozen milk that lasted till 1 year. But towards that time I had also gradually introduced formula. I really struggled initially with lack of supply, and pumping at work was hard. For my second child, I’m mostly breastfeeding but occasionally topping up with formula so she won’t be screaming in hunger during growth spurts. Plan to wean off breastfeeding completely after 1 year if possible. At the end of the day, don’t drive yourself or your baby nuts. Breastmilk is excellent and breastfeeding is wonderful, but your emotional and physical wellbeing is also important. Your LO will still do well even if formula fed. So enjoy your breastfeeding journey and stop when you want to:)

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My 1st n 2nd boy bm only for 3 mnths... After that formula till 3 yrs. My 1st girl bf till age of 2. My BM milk from 2012 till 2019 still have. My 4th born on 2012 bf till 4 years. My 5th born on 2014 bf till 2 years. My 6th born on 2016 still bf. My 7th born on 2019 currently 1 month direct feeding on bm. ☺️

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No worries dear.. u able to do it! My 1st pregnancy i also difficult... The most important is husband n familly support 😘


Many ppl ask me the same question how long I intend to give my baby bm. If you have supply I feel give until at least 1yo when they got their immune system strong enough. You're a bf mum you should know how amazing bm are. It's not easy but it's gonna be worth it!

I have low supply, no matter how hard I tried. So my child has always been mixed feed... I made short term goals, first 6months. I finally endured to 9months before I decided to stop. Fed is best and mummy’s mental well being is important too...

Hey, It totally depends on your comfort level and also the inclination of the baby. I would suggest not to compare and try giving your best for breastfeeding until you are comfortable

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I am a SAHM, and still breastfeeding my 14 month-old. I want to continue until he can eat solids pretty well or 2 years old.☺️

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2 mths. Not enough and too tired. With formula, anyone can feed her and it helps when I returned to work.

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Went for talk. Advise to breastfeed for at least 6months before switching to fomula.

I made the switch after 3 months as those are the months when bubs is growing the most

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I stopped breastfeeding after I went back to work. 4 months